Haradrim Slaver Ship

The HSS was put on the olde backburner. Put her back on the front-burner now. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely place of all places: Warcraft II, the oil-collecting ship that the greenskins use, with a red tarp and some oversized tusks and a yuuuge skull in front of it. Three-dee printed a crocodile skull and made some nice whale ribs in sculpey plus added some of those sweet oversized mumakil howdah parts to the vessel and this is where we are now.

I put some of the pieces that might come into use in the howdah part as to not lose them in my small apartemente.
There is no doubt that the aerodynamics of this ship is not on the level of SAAB or a Gripen fighter, but it is borderline high fantasy so I think we shall all settle down and be happy I haven't made a canonical swan ship yet - that's high fantasty if anything!

High fantasy indeed. It is always Russia or Assad for some reason... Our mainstream media is basically high fantasy - or the lugenpress as the Germans I met in Aussie called it. We are not alone, we who think that everyone has the right to exist: Russians and Assad-syrians as well - no need to bomb anyone.
I know, crazy idea right...
But back to boats. I have done the Isengard Steamship, now working slowly on the Haradrim Slaver/transport ship. Next up? Something soulless like the weirdo "horse" above... not sure what though...

 ... not that soulless... was thinking more of a big dead whale, like something skaveny or that boat game from Citadel with the big dead fish with skaven innit.

In other another news, I have been trying to get Command & Conquer to work on shitty shit-wind0ws 10. Did not work. And to Windows, I say:


That's not a reaction gif, it is just a still from a movie that was "reviewed" by RedLetterMedia, which obviously got me thinking about the song that the screenshot below was taken from...

This song can be heard in Rich Evan's no death run of... ... what game? The zombie killing game...

... yes you guessed it: Dead Rising.


Idoneth Eidolon

Newly cast sea monster, fastitocalon number 2 is now being painted in red-brown colours.

Primed white with Army Painter's white spray. Base colous in watered down yellows and oranges and apples.

This will be perfect in a game of Age of Sigmar as a Firedrake or those Magmadroth, or better yet, just play War of the Ring, and use this 180 point beast as it is intended: Like a huge troll (except it doesn't throw rocks).

After three additional washes this is the situation. Put some sand on the 120 mm oval base as well. So, what couleur should it's claws be? Gave him blue eyes as I believe that is a good spot colour, as the pros call it.


Boardgame review: The best game EVER!

So, my friends and I got together to play THE BEST BOARDGAME IN THE WORLD. Published by Games Workshop in 1998, this was released only in Northern Europe and a few select stores in West Germany (as we all know, the Iron Curtail was heavy at the time and Eastern Europe had to settle with Живой Путин, or "Recreation for the Masses - a state run store for well priced models to execute military training on an operative level for children and also, men who are children at heart". It has a better ring to it in Russian.

My friends really liked the game.

It is mainly a resource management game in the Grim-dark Future of Warhammer 400 000 (this was before the universe in which all our favourite characters can be found, was renamed to 40 000, from Warhammer four hundredthousand - as a sensitivity project, since 400 000 people was burned alive in Dresden - by mistake, mind you - by our glorious heroes in World War II). As we all know, Germany is the biggest buyer of warhammer so the executive at the time Dallas "VK" Lordon decided it was high time for a rebrand. Incidentally, they renamed one of the Chaos gods from Jehova to Khorne. His catch-phrase stayed the same though.

The game features a scale-thingie above where you chose your alignment. Fun fact: They used Dallas "VK" Rubbington's son Palernik for the photo shoots.

After chosing our alignments (I chose the "reeeeeeing" space libertarian) we looked at the wonderful rules that features endless lists of numbers that may or may not have an impact on the game. Wow, so fun.

Notice the nice Warhammer fourhundredthousand colour scheme, I believe it is Son's of Horuses colours? They look deceptively Swedish, but as we all know, Sweden stopped existing in late 1996 becoming Swedistan in 1997, just one year before this game was released, so that is impossible. Swedistan's flag is green, as well you know.

So, heavy resource managment, lots of back stabbing AND you can trade Warhammer 400 000 stocks on the Interplanetary Stock Exchange on Koike 7, most famous planet of whfb40000.

In the end Lola managed to snatch the victory with 6 million vicotry points and I came in good second with 2 vicotry points. All the models are made out of asbethos which was standard at the time and the board is made out paper, in fact. Alexander, Pepe and Lisa all got -10000 points for being dumb fucks and answered faulty on the trivia questions (the game has 12 distinct phases with between 2 and 18 subphases, of which one sub-sub-phase is trivia questions about late 17th century London, which at the time was not renamed Londonistan, but I digress).

This game is great. 10/10. So good we had to tear it apart.
These nice stamps were, btw, published in 1975 i believe, one year before the fateful election of 76. It says: Let paper-less immigrants get the right to vote. Great idea. This game is just as great, grate!

So, a solid recommendation to this game.


Age of Sigmar: Idoneth Dragon Turtle in resin.

Might as well rebrand it. This cast turned out just perfect. No major flaws, nice white resin.

After making the Isengard Steamship, I got a bit tired of boats, but I am still on a naval theme here. Obviously the Age of Sigmar-spin is because this blog is dying in terms of readers as well as me publishing things - not that I have started to hate the hobby, it is just how it goes. There is a time for thrashing and there is a time to dive for pearls.

Since I can't decide if I either paint it in red colours, convert it into a rip-off of GeeDubb's Idoneth Flying Turtle or make something inbetween OR make it with a howdah, I might have to cast up 2-3 more. We shall see. Thoughts, ideas, dear readers?


Idoneth Deepkin War Turtle Clickbait!!!

Old news? Yes indeed. As we all know I made my own Idoneth War Turtle yeeeeeaaars ago, in anticipation of the new release - you know me, Llama the rumour monger with his beady eyes and flappy llama ears all over Games Wokshop's think thanks and whatsnots.

Might as well repost it, the number of readers are dwindling. DWINDLING I TELL YOU! But that also means I can go back to my old days, when I had as few page views as now. I am blaming two things:

1) Lack of interest for LotR/Hobbit as the worst movie-craze passed a long, long time ago.

2) Fucking Faceborg and Twatter and all these other platforms that centralize you, your data and especially your thinking. Internet was supposed to be about freedom of information but now it is just a bunch of faggots being banned for calling each other faggots.

Fuck modern internet. And fuck swearing.

It starts with swearing and ends up with eating babies. Thankfully, there is a warning about these blood thirsty people in Bern (apparently, I haven't been there). No kidding, take heed sheeple.


But I repeat myself... What does this magic man below have to say about all this?

Ah yes, the dumb-fuck, just like Bill Nye who people actually think is some form of educated man. The man's a cuck and kverulant (don't know the meaning of that last word, actually).

People pushing "global warming" who ten years later changed it to "climate change" because the polar ice is actually getting larger...
 ... are the same thinking like above and beyond and below...

 Whoops, that's someone else's thoughts, sorry...

Perhaps this was the rascal that thought that awful idea? We will never know, never will we know.
And we let these idiots rule us? Please stahp voting childless Euro-haters like these into your cabinets, and drawers and governements and senates etc.

It is my fear that this beautiful fastitocalon is like a budget war turtle for Age of Sigmar-water-deepkin, but remember, it was made for realsxitics Loard of The Rhangs so there you have it.

Look at this beautiful beast, is it not wonderful that a fuckup like me can make one? I would like to paint one red - and that I will, because I have made even prettier moulds of the old fucker. It will get a stupid howdah. Everything gets a howdah when I can have a word put into the mince, as the old English proverb goes.

Let me end with fierce r@pe.

Don't forget to smash and fuck that like button and leave a comment about hobby or the state of the European society (in need of resurrection, that's the answer) or if you can get me a working visa in Australia so I can leave this shithole country that used to be called Sweden. Thank you, you have been a wonderful audience! Good bye! *throws kisses*


Treasure maps

I'd like to go on record here and claim that I am one of those loonies that suspect mr "global warmingz killingz" and "wahmen are mistreated always reeeee" died in the 80's and he was replaced by someone else. Or something else! Dun-dun-duuuuun! (exciting sound-thing from 50's b-movies). Just look at the early pictures when his earlobe is loose and on the later ones, when he is no longer gray haired, his earlobes are attached... From a US-gov page: "People believing in one conspiracy tend to believe multiple conspiracies."

So, what's your conspiracy? Today, on Llama's War of the Ring-blog, we shall talk space-aliens and fl@t earth and the cultural decline of Europe and the West in general.

Or not...

Today's highlights will be:


Presented to you:


1) Two nice maps that I picturized when visiting Scott in Australia.

2) The fact that Pewdiepie is somewhat of a national treasure. Thanks to my friend Joshua of S.A. for that. He tried to tell  me in 2016 but I was not having it, mainly because Felix had been pushed so hard on the fronpage of joutoob that I instinctively thought he was awful, and frankly at that time 2013-2014 (around) he was.


He is getting better. Liking hiphop is sad however, but to each their own.

And that's it for today, I have been working to get money (spoiler alert in the hooouusse: It have not worked, I am down on my last shekels here, the work situation is like a fucking joke where I live, and elsewhere you cant find a place to live because of all the 1000000000s of immigrants - when someone always says "move to the jobs" move to your grave I then not say) so I haven't been able to blog or do hobby, but that's fine on a personal level since I have not had any cravings to do hobby. I'd still like to do the boats but meh... 

Memes for everyone:

Just a little food for thought.

I was checking my old updates and I used to write more text, a bit like this update that is basically frustrated ramblings, and actually got a lot of views on these, as if people were actually reading what I typed? Can that be true? Should I go back to rambling more? LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW LEAF 1 LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE heart-emoticon -heart-emoticon

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In general, in retrospect and in ad hoc, I noticed that my earlier posts were slightly more cancerous, and  that they were sometimes enjoyable, even made me chuckle here and there... they were more whimsical and perhaps i should go back to that, i seem to remember that blogging got some of my annoyances from work out which helped me greatly....


Painted steamship...

... these posts about the steamship have literally been the least watched or clicked posts I have ever made for some reason. The project has given me enjoyment but I shall not dwell too long on the project. So here's the last one, the boat is not nearly painted to readiness, but I shan't bore you guys with it. Upwards and onwards!


Tried to darken up the on-top-of-the-hull-construction-hut-thingie. Before and after above and below.

I have been having some issues with helping some guys with permits. I really, really dislike the Swedish bureaucracy (and can't spell to the B-word). No good deed goes unpunished they say, because I got a call from the Violence-Monopolists of Sweden to explain certain parts of things I had typed into the applications of the permits. See above for my mental state... It is designed to destroy the morale I have finally accepted. So, therefore I...

... take a shallow breath and just relax, and get back to the boat...

I mean it is just part and parcel of living in Sweden, eh?

Had plans to attach the plastic boats I have been casting up, but thought they'd look more like Norwegian baby-penguin bashing boats, so I did not...


Might have looked nice though, but not really in the style of this Isengard ship.

Wraaaah! Dangerous rams, saws and ballistas! The design evolution of this ship has been interesting to follow (inside my own head).

(Speaking of evolution and casual racism and anti-evolutionismsimsms)
Tried a lighter paintjob first... I think I need to separate the hull and the rest paintwise...

But that sounds a bit difficult... hard work you know... I might just go and burn a flag instead. Or some Swedes, as is fashion now in the immigrant heavy parts of various cities in Sweden.